Monday, January 21, 2008

A Call for a War Crimes Tribunal at the UN

To Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations,

We, Citizens of the United States and of the World, the senders of this petition to you, urge you, as spokesman for the world's peoples, to investigate war crimes committed by the Bush Administration.

President Bush and his Cabinet are guilty of the following crimes against humanity and violations of international laws.

1. Pre-emptive war.
The United Nations was founded after World War Two, in the attempt to stop future wars and create a world body that would be able to peacefully resolve the conflicts among nations and peoples. The United States' attack on Iraq was in complete violation of those laws. Pre-emptive war as a form of self-defense is not permitted. The reasons for starting this illegal war were deliberate lies, the real motivations being for oil and empire. Hundreds of thousands have died, mostly civilian Iraqis in there home country by an invading army from across the sea. Unjustly attacking them for a crime Iraq was not guilty of… The World Trade Center Attacks. The excuse that Saddam Hussein was a mass-murdering dictator that had to be removed from power can be equally applied to George W Bush and his associates who supplied Saddam Hussein with weapons during the war with Iran. This Iraq War II was planned well before 911 as spelled out in the "Project For a New American Century's" manifesto. It had nothing to do with 911. That was yet to happen. If George W. Bush and the people who direct him are allowed to continue unchallenged and not brought to justice, we will find ourselves living on a nightmarish planet in the mists of unending wars against all other nations that oppose us, and possibly, World War Three.

2. Torture.
George W. Bush as Commander in Chief of the United States military is responsible for the torture and prisoner abuse that was allowed to happen under his command, until it became a public disgrace with the revelations of the happenings at Abu Ghraib prison. Furthermore, the Bush Administration refuses to publicly oppose such abuse, not only in the international community, but also within their own country disregarding the Geneva Convention. Torture is a WAR CRIME!

3. Destruction of Religious Temples.
The bombing of Mosques in Falluja is an atrocity that is an insult to every religion on Earth, and is totally against all international laws. This is a WAR CRIME!

4. Napalm.
The Bush Administration is using napalm on the people of Falluja. This is a WAR CRIME! People in the United States are not even aware that we are Napalming Iraq.

5. Killing of Civilians.
Innocent men, women, and children are dying. The controlled American media has been instructed not to refer to them as "civilians" anymore. Deliberate killing of civilians is a WAR CRIME!

6. Radioactive Weapons.
The Bush Administration has used more than 2200 tons of depleted uranium weapons. Depleted Uranium is both chemically toxic and radioactive, and has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome. It is truly a terrorist weapon with horrific effects not only during the war, but also on unborn generations of malformed fetuses. Areas of Iraq are now uninhabitable for very long periods of time. DU has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. This deliberate radioactive contamination of areas of Iraq is a WAR CRIME.

For all the above stated reasons we ask you to fulfill the United Nations promise for a safer and more peaceful world and begin the indictment process of the criminal that now heads the most dangerous and most powerful country on Earth. George W Bush and his

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
-Edmond Burke

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