Monday, January 28, 2008

Hookers for Jesus: Ex sex-workers save souls

Annie Lobert and Heather Veitch

Former sex industry workers Annie Lobert (r) of Hookers for Jesus and Heather Veitch (l) from JC's Girls

Las Vegas used to be a lucrative haunt for Annie Lobert, a $500-a-day escort girl, and Heather Veitch, a highly-remunerated stripper. Now the vivacious double act patrol the city's neon-lit streets with a dramatically different mission - to save souls rather than sell their bodies.

With their peroxide blond hair, contour-hugging outfits, and surgically-enhanced chests, they do not look so different from their former incarnations in the city's notorious sex industry.

But the strategically-located message adorning their tight black T-shirts gives away their new mission - as born-again Christians.

Embossed in gaudy pink, the word "Hookers" appears above the Christian symbol of the fish across Ms Lobert's chest, while Ms Veitch's shirt bears the legend "Holy Hotties".

Through their two groups, "Hookers for Jesus" and "JC's Girls", they perform what is arguably America's most unusual Christian outreach operation, aimed at their former colleagues.

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