Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mutant super-cockroaches from space

"It's nice to see that one of the staple plot devices of science fiction is actually true. Apparently, a trip to space can give you superpowers; at least if you're a cockroach.

"According to Russian news agency Novosti, baby cockroaches conceived aboard a satellite in September have apparently grown up to be faster and tougher than their terrestrial brethren.

"The first creatures ever conceived in space also grew more quickly than ordinary Earth-bred cockroaches.

"Could these positive effects be due somehow to the effectively weightless environment during conception, or to a healthy dose of radiation?

"The report does not reveal whether any of the 33 new super-roaches have yet attempted to destroy the Earth, or taken to writing free verse.

"Nor are we told any details of how the conception took place, but perhaps it's a good thing that the world is denied a full account of free-fall cockroach sex."

- Stephen Battersby: Mutant super-cockroaches from space -

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