Monday, January 21, 2008

Ojibwe saying

"Sometimes I go about in pity for myself,
and all the while,
a great wind carries me across the sky."
- Ojibwe saying -


  1. How is this said in Ojibwe?

  2. meaning? sorry i dont get get

  3. The Soprano. season 6, chapter 3

  4. This moved me when I saw it.
    We, all of us, think we are so great and special and individual,
    When in reality,
    we are all thrown about by this great wind.
    Carried through the sky of existence.
    In essence we are meaningless as individuals
    and what we worry about and consider important to us
    is meaningless when observed on a holistic level.
    Living is important but life is one big windstorm of nothingness.
    Trying to understand it in futile. Jus dig it baby.