Friday, January 18, 2008

The Crat Pack


"I just had the weirdest thought watching the Las Vegas debate. The three remaining candidates all more or less agree with one another on policy, are all superstars in their own right, but have very different styles. Tonight they look as if they are all even having a bit of fun. They are like the three core members of the rat pack.

"Hillary is Sinatra, huge celebrity, major scrapper. Obama is Dino, cool and smooth as silk. John Edwards is Sammy, the all around entertainer. (MSNBC wouldn't let Joey on the stage tonight.)

"Clinton's new theme song: My Way. Obama: That's Amore. Edwards: I Gotta be Me.

"Does this make Bill Clinton Ava Gardner? Strangely, I think it works."

- digby: The Crat Pack -

1 comment:

  1. Sure, they're having fun. They've been saying the same things over and over, and finally it's been proven: They attract more votes, as a group, then their sorry goppy counterparts. The horse race has begun. Time to smile.