Friday, June 26, 2009

Does Obama read Michael Dare on

What Michael Dare said yesterday:

The military budget doesn't need to be cut, it just needs to be spend differently.
For the cost of let's say one aircraft carrier, we could have a massive airdrop, not of bombs, but of free iPhones and mini laptops and wifi for every citizen of Iran, and what the hell, North Korea.

Invite them to experience the freedom of the internet. Win their souls and minds. Make the foreign governments look pretty bad when they complain about a massive giveaway that every citizen will applaud.
Michael Dare

the next day at

One reporter asked if the White House was considering beaming broadband capability into Iran via satellite so the opposition forces would be able to communicate with themselves and the outside world. Gibbs said he didn't know such a thing was possible. (Is it?) But he said he would check on the technological feasibility and get back with an answer.

That caused some head-scratching in the press room. If the United States could do that and was planning on doing so, wouldn't this be one of those intelligence matters that Gibbs won't discuss? But maybe some telecom entrepreneur or Silicon Valley whiz-kids can make this happen. The Google guys? The Twitter people? XM Radio? This is the sort of covert action that could be worth outsourcing—with the project manager taking full credit. Think of the endorsement possibilities: the Iranian Revolution...Brought to You by DIRECTV.

Michael Jackson's Lament redux


Michael Jackson's Lament

They can play in his park unafraid
Michael is not trying to get laid
And if they should chance to spend the night
He'll respect their innocent delight

He can write a tune that's nice and lilty
You can never prove that he is guilty
He can make a plausible rebuttal
All he ever wants to do is cuddle

He has made a promise you can trust
The jury gave a verdict that was just
He will have to wait till they are men
He won't sleep with little boys again

Michael swoons
with a bunch of hairy ass baboons
Michael shouts
Underneath his worries and his doubts
Michael laughs
with an ocelot and two giraffes
Michael hurls
at the thought of touching little girls

When he goes to court he always wins
He won't go to jail for his sins
In his brain there is a major glitch
He won't be another convict's bitch

When it comes to ten o'clock or more
Michael's gonna moon walk out the door
One hand clapping will be Michael's Zen
He won't sleep with little boys again


Monday, June 22, 2009

What I did this past weekend

I marched in Seattle's Fremont Solstice Parade with the Hempfest dragon.
Saturday, June 20, 2009
That's the Super Sonic Soul Pimps on the float.
That's me in the back.