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Slumdog Price is Right

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You're in a clothing store when this happens

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Michael Dare

Michael Dare
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Michael Dare 2 days ago
We, the public, wish to extend our Domain, called the Public Domain. Every extension of copyright is at the expense of the Public Domain. Corporations will extend copyright forever if we, the Public, let them trample on our Domain.

When "Happy Birthday" is sung in a film, should Mildred and Patty Hill get credit? Absolutely, they wrote it in 1893. Should AOL Time Warner reel in $2 million a year licensing the song more than a century after it was written? ( I don't think so. Let people post birthday parties to YouTube without the threat of a lawsuit from a mighty media corporation.

AOL Time Warner, as a public service, we ask you to voluntarily release the song "Happy Birthday" into the Public Domain.
Michael Dare 8 days ago
Nobody has ever seen it so he wasn't really president, the south has retroactively won the Civil War and Barack Obama is rightly a slave who should be working in a cotton farm in Virginia.
Michael Dare 8 days ago
Change the law so that there is no birth certificate requirement for public office. We live in a global community and the requirement is archaic and useless. Let Obama be president wherever he was born.
Michael Dare 8 days ago
Please stop posting "new" ideas concerning Obama's birth certificate. The idea has already been posted. Once is enough for such a trivial matter. Please stop wasting everybody's time with your partisan lunacy.
Michael Dare 10 days ago
Let the Palestinians make a deal with the Mafia to build casinos in the Gaza Strip. Make it like Atlantic City. Generate income. Let the world see a few millionaire Palestinians. Give them hope, not to mention free booze and prostitutes.
Michael Dare 10 days ago
Leave the Senate the way it is, but make the House of Representatives truly representative by getting rid of democracy in elections. We're not really a democracy anyway, remember? "I pledge allegiance to the REPUBLIC of the United States of America." I assume you know the difference, right? Allow me to quote...

"Suppose the majority wants to take away your home, business, or your children. Obviously, there's a problem! The flaw in democracy is that if you allow majority rule, then everybody's rights are up-for-grabs. All you have to do is get more than 1/2 of the people to want something, on any given day, and you no longer have any rights. It's sometimes called 'the tyranny of a majority.'

"The fundamental difference between a democracy and a republic is that if someone or a group of people came up to you and said that they were going to take away your home or business or children, you'd probably stand up and say, 'No, you can't do that! I have my rights protected by the Constitution of the United States of America.' And if you said that, you'd be describing a republic."

- Civics in Seconds -

There! See? The constitution supersedes democracy in order to protect us from mob mentality. Which means elections don't have to be Democratic/winner take all. They can work a whole other way.

Right now, if the candidate you vote for doesn't win the election, you end up without representation. How about a system with no winners or losers. Whoever you vote for becomes your representative. Period. Everybody gets representation. Representatives who represent the most people wield the most power.
Michael Dare 10 days ago
Every campaign finance reform bill that has ever existed has done nothing more than limit the amount of the bribes that public officials are legally allowed to accept. It's got to stop. Make it illegal for anyone to contribute anything to a political candidate, period. Also make it illegal for political candidates to use their own money for their campaign. All political campaigns will be paid for entirely by the government, with each candidate receiving the exact same amount. Freed from the burden of fundraising, politicians can actually focus on doing their jobs.
Michael Dare 10 days ago
The Star Spangled Banner is the worst song I've ever heard. Our national anthem should be Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land.
Michael Dare 10 days ago
Add an insurance tax to the price of gasoline and drivers will never have to deal with the DMV or car insurance companies again. Split the cost of the tax between the consumers and the providers. Everybody who drives will be automatically insured and registered. Those who drive the most will pay the most, and if you want to save money on your insurance, all you have to do is drive less. There would be NO MORE uninsured drivers. Period. Everyone who buys gas is automatically insured. No more monthly payments of hundreds of dollars. All it takes to be completely insured for the road is the price of a gallon of gas. No more arresting people for driving without insurance. The very fact you're driving means you bought gas which means you're insured. Police can focus on other things. Create a single monopoly out of the DMV and all the major insurance companies in which every single transaction is taken care of at the pump. Make the tax 100% earmarked to the bureaucracy that deals with payment of claims, which are all no-fault.
Michael Dare 10 days ago
It's completely absurd that congressmen and senators have to physically be in the building to vote on measures. We've got the internet and laptops. Why on earth did Ted Kennedy have to get out of his hospital bed and go to Congress in a wheelchair to vote on a measure when he could just as easily done it from home. If they don't have to actually be there, there can be NO MORE EXCUSES FOR NOT VOTING. Make it MANDATORY to vote on EVERY MEASURE, and make it so they can't vote until they've actually heard both sides of the issue.