Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Free Bumperstickers (if you print them yourself)

Order Sexists for Barack Obama for $4.99.

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  1. does edwards 'inderstand' how to 'use' a word, such as moral?as far as 'caps' i have an argument..
    SCE capped the poeles usage of electricity in california, it cost the customer dearly, even tho Edison upper management made millions, themselves.
    then there's a little co=op in Missouir, named Cuivre river..the cost of electrity is half that of Ameren and Edison, aND the sHAREHOLDERS, as in aLL customers recieved 'refinds' 4 times a year, PLUS Cuivrre River gives a big bar-b-que mid summer for all it's customers/ they have a low-income plan where as those that can do, by 'rounding up' there bill to the closest dollar, so another less, economically 'established' citizen, n grid, gets help wiht the bill thru winter and summer. extrem cold and extreme heat.
    perhaps cuivre River Co-op shouold be a bigger example of hOW to do something for EVERYONE-and upper management of course gets there pay..
    oh! and Cuivre River has scholarships for the community at large, for college, wheteryou are on gridor not!

    NOW! what's wrong with that?
    There source is provided by ther own plants...and so what! No "enron" as middle man! GOOD! one less mangement type to blick you and i...!

    Make Our Own Commitments to Restore Our Moral Leadership: The U.S. has 4 percent of the world's population but produces a quarter of its carbon dioxide emissions. It is one of only three developed nations that has refused to limit its greenhouse gas pollution. By adopting caps, Edwards will help the U.S. regain credibility in the world without sacrificing American competitiveness. [Irish Times, 2/14/2007; Greenwire, 10/31/2006]