Friday, January 18, 2008

News for Ducks

"A man who pleaded guilty Tuesday to ripping the head off a duck in the lobby of a St. Paul, Minn., hotel is not a horrible person, his attorney said.

"'He's really a nice young man, he's humble, he's hard-working, he was a good student and worked hard to get the job he did,' said attorney Michael Colich. 'Nobody's been willing to look at what good things he's done in his life and what good things he'll do in his life.'

"At the time of the crime, Scott Clark was an auditor with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He has since been terminated.

"While pleading guilty to felony animal cruelty, Clark told Ramsey County District Judge Margaret Marrinan he was 'extremely sorry' and had never hurt an animal before.

"Marrinan said it appeared Clark, 26, had 'a substantial amount to drink' before the incident. He will be sentenced next month, the newspaper reported."

- AP: Man apologizes for killing hotel's duck -

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  1. Laughing, thanks, MD.

    Why is UPI suddenly AP or is this some alien form of humor?