Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Five Minute Remake of "Jurassic Park"

'Sweding' is term defined in the film "Be Kind Rewind" as the practice of re-creating something from scratch using commonly available, everyday materials and technology.
In the film, characters played by Jack Black and Mos Def must remake their own (cheap and truncated) versions of popular Hollywood films to re-stock the shelves of a video store when they accidentally erase every VHS tape. Using this premise, the REWIND KINDLY Filmmaking Frenzy asked aspiring filmmakers to complete an up-to-five-minute, homemade, low-budget remake of a popular Hollywood film. Well over one hundred teams registered and uploaded their remake to www.filmmakingfrenzy.com! Everything from "Highlander" to "Purple Rain" to "Star Wars" has been sweded by local, national, amateur and/or professional filmmakers hoping to win the first prize quad-core AMD-powered Dell workstation with a 30-inch monitor and the opportunity to have their film play before every screening of "Be Kind Rewind" when it opens on February 22nd at the Alamo Drafthouse. The turnout has been exceptional and the films have been extraordinary- it's amazing how imagination can compensate for a complete lack of resources!
- from Film Threat -

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