Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Ultimate Tourist Destination

Let me give you the magical adventure vacation of your lifetime!
Paradise awaits you (AP)

It very cold down in America this time on year, yes? You get trapped inside like so many gurkkus under rocks, and you get this, what you say, captain's fever? You want to get away somewhere warm, adventurous, where anything can happen, like in your movies. I know this deep inside my heart.

Come close, and let me whisper the name of this magical mystery adventureland in your ear: Iraq! Wait, come back! Hear me over and out.

In Iraq, every day is a glorious quest of majesty. You step off of the plane, and already you hear the fireworks and shooting of rifles in the air. Of course because they are happy on your arrival! And Allah-be-praised is it hot! You are sick of cold and snowfrost, I know this. Well, yesterday, I am telling you, I cooked eggs on hood of my car. I cannot begin to describe to you the sublime taste detonation that erupted within my mouth. It was truly glorious. Every day in Iraq, you will eat meals like this.

And thrilling adventure? Let me not even be getting started!

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