Monday, May 12, 2008

Give Everyone a Million

These rebate checks don't make it. They're a Band-Aid on a hemorrhage. More drastic solutions are called for.

I remind you there was a TV show in the 50s called The Millionaire about a guy who anonymously gave a random stranger a million bucks. Just because the show was cancelled in 1960 doesn't mean it's a bad idea.

Here's my economic plan for America; get rid of all social programs and level the playing field by simply giving absolutely everyone a million dollars, whether they need it or not. Then people can afford whatever they need. Housing problem? Solved. Poverty problem? Solved. Medical care problem? Solved.

Traditional wisdom says this will cause inflation, but I don't think so. Prices would not go up because retailers would need to make less money because they were already millionaires. EVERYBODY isn't greedy. Americans would go on spending sprees, giving absolutely every business in America the very shot in the arm it needs, and all the sales tax would feed the government coffers. Banks would be flush with all those people paying off their mortgages and credit card debt.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Where will this money come from? Half from taxes, in which case everyone has to get TWO million, or nowhere, just like the war in Iraq. No need to use the dead tree version of money. Why waste all that capital on printing and envelopes and postage. Direct deposit from the US treasury will work, simply increasing the debt. Let the country go bankrupt. Who cares? You're a millionaire. Move to Tahiti.


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  1. a more just solution would be to raise the minimum wage to $480.77/hr. that way full-time employees would make at least a million a year, there would be incentive to work, and we wouldn't have to use taxes to pay for it. of course, bread would be $800/loaf, but I don't eat that much bread, and we'd all be millionaires, so who cares.