Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Monty Python album you've never heard

What a pleasure it is to listen to a Monty Python album where you don't already have everything memorized. "Memory Training" is right up there with "Word Association Football," and the dialogue between Mrs. Particle and Mrs. Velocity is just as good as the one between Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion. This never has been, and possibly never will be, officially released, so it's time to look on the pirate side of life and download a bootleg. It's only available in BitTorrent. Download this torrent.

Despite the title, this 1981 album was never actually released to the public for a fast buck. Andre Jacquemin, who put together much of the Pythons' album work, cobbled this album together from material which had been recorded for other albums (mostly the Contractual Obligation Album) but not used. It was given by Michael Palin to the band Motorhead as a gift, and has found its way, unofficially, into the hands of fans, but has never been sold in stores.

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