Friday, February 15, 2008

Cloud City airships to float New Yorkers above post-apocolyptic maelstrom


What if New York City were totally trashed in a disaster? That was the premise for a design competition that spawned this Cloud City idea by Studio Lindfors. It was one the Selected Entries in the "What if New York City…" design competition, where designers dreamed up this concept where New Yorkers are lifted above the rubble in blimp houses, staying together as a community while crews clear away the mess below.

The fanciful design doesn't mention what the blimp inhabitants will do while suspended above the city, or how they might get down from there if they want to, say, get some food. And what happens if an airship's wires are somehow cut loose or lose their grip on their tempest-tossed moorings below? Perhaps floating above New York, with a expansive panoramic view of the devastation would be cathartic, but some disaster victims might find it downright depressing. There are pretty pictures of the concept in the gallery below, but we're thinking it might just be better to get outta town if havoc strikes.

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