Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HelpHelpHelp! The US military won't embed me, I'm stranded at the Kuwait Starbucks, the airline lost my luggage & I have no Plan B!

I still do not understand why the military is not letting me embed. I have written articles favorable to our troops that have been read by approximately 700,000 readers. Of course I have expressed a strong interest in seeing GWB go to jail -- but then 3/4 of America agrees with me on that one and so do half of our troops. I went to bat for the Marines in Berkeley regarding their conflict with Code Pink regarding recruiting, causing me great loss of credibility with the American Left.

I came here because the US military said I could embed and then retracted their offer after I had already purchased my plane ticket but the Pentagon told me they were going to look into this matter so I came on ahead. At the very least, the military should let me stay at an American Kuwait airbase until my my return flight is due or refund my plane fare or GET ME A HOTEL.

Readers, please call the Pentagon and ask them to come to my rescue! It's midnight here in Kuwait! I'm desperate! And also, it might be a good idea to never trust the military to not go back on their word.

Thank you.

I'm back to listing my father's antique Japanese Samurai sword on eBay again. I need to pay for my trip to (hopefully) embed in Iraq on February 12 through March 5, my trip to North Korea in April and my trip to Burma in December. For the site listing, Click here.
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"Life is a competition. The winners are the ones who do the most good deeds."

"Imagine a world where EVERY child is wanted, nurtured, protected and loved: World Peace in one generation!"
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